What Type of Support Should You Expect After an Audio Visual Technology Install?

Choose a company with comprehensive support and flexible warranties 

If you’re in the market to add to or upgrade your organization’s audiovisual equipment, there are many things you should consider when you choose a company to partner with. 

How long has the company been in business? What type of businesses do they work with? Do they offer a variety of brands and audiovisual solutions? 

But your organization’s relationship with the technology company shouldn’t end once the installation is complete. You’re likely to require ongoing support and equipment service. Read on to find out the type of support you should expect after a technology install. 

An automatic comprehensive workmanship warranty –

Your audiovisual installation company should provide a free workmanship warranty for a reasonable duration, such as one year. If you encounter an issue with your equipment, the warranty should require that the technology installer work with you and your company to identify the cause and address the issue if it’s covered under the agreement. Each piece of equipment should also include a manufacturer’s warranty.  

Other warranty options –

Beyond an automatic workmanship warranty, does your audiovisual installation company offer a variety of service and support options and different payment schedules? Your organization likely has a budget that dictates what type of warranty you’ll select, so you’ll need the flexibility to choose a plan that works for you.

Annual service options that your organization can elect to renew yearly often include additional services, such as priority technical support, troubleshooting, repair services, and preventative maintenance. Some companies offer contracts that bundle audiovisual setup design, installation, and support services in a monthly payment that is locked in at today’s labor rates. 

And lastly, if you’d rather not choose an extended service option, you should be able to pay as you go for time and materials as required. The bottom line is, your audiovisual installation company should give you service and warranty options. 

Does the company use subcontractors for installation? –

If they don’t use subcontractors, you are guaranteed that the installers are vested in the success of the project. If the installation experts also provide service, you can be secure in the knowledge that they have an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of your equipment. 

A user-friendly way to request support  –

Does your audiovisual company have a thorough, reliable system in place to handle all customer support requests and a team of skilled technicians available to resolve issues in a timely manner? The support request process should be quick and easy and include one step, such as sending an email or filling out an online request. You shouldn’t have to endure long phone waits or cumbersome forms. 

Free on-site training –

Once installed, your new audiovisual equipment should be intuitive and easy-to-use. But if your team still requires additional training, your AV installation company should provide it free of charge. 

Highly skilled technicians –

Do the designers, installers, and technicians have AV industry certifications? Are all of the employees highly experienced in their field of expertise? Are they knowledgeable about live streaming and video conferencing software as well as hardware? If your answer is “yes” to these questions, you can expect the exemplary support and service that your organization should demand when it makes an investment in state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. 

Haverford Systems Incorporated is an innovative audiovisual installation company serving the Philadelphia area. In addition to our commitment to the design and installation of effective, affordable audiovisual solutions, our knowledgeable technicians provide invaluable support and a range of service options.

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