Haverford Systems Integration has served government and municipal customers for over 30 years, from installing remote-controlled camera systems in courtrooms, to designing complete audiovisual solutions for council meetings, to developing custom AV systems for emergency operations centers, and much more.

Update Your Existing Technology

Haverford Systems Integration’s hands-on team of AV experts understand the unique needs and challenges that can face government organizations, and can deliver custom-tailored audiovisual setups that are cost-effective, streamlined, and easy to use.

Haverford is here to help you with a range of audiovisual solutions. Some of our most requested services include:

• Upgrading existing systems to accommodate videoconferencing, live streaming and recording in council halls, courts and public spaces

• Outfitting spaces with digital signage and paging systems

• AV solutions for emergency operations centers, including video walls, audio systems, touch panel controls and windowing processing

Free Guide to AV Tech for Government

Not sure where to start?  Check out our free guide to AV Technologies for Government, which profiles a range of options for audiovisual systems used by government organizations like yours.  Settings include emergency operations centers, courtrooms, training facilities, public spaces, council halls, and more.

Enhancing Existing Technology in Public Halls

Haverford Systems Integration works with many borough, city, and township halls, where we modernize meeting spaces for web conferencing and streaming capabilities. We can help public institutions stay current with the latest technological advancements to achieve your organization’s mission. At Haverford, we offer full audio visual installations to make sure that public areas have the tools they need to function efficiently in this digital era.

Streamlining Meeting Setups: Intuitive and Efficient Equipment

In addition to updating technology, Haverford Systems strives to simplify meeting setups by providing intuitive, easy-to-use equipment. The complexity of technology should not be a barrier to its usage, particularly in settings where effective communication and transparency are paramount. Haverford’s team offers a variety of control systems to ensure that government staff can leverage these advanced tools without any unnecessary technical hurdles, thereby promoting a more streamlined and efficient operation.

Leveraging Existing Equipment for Hybrid Conferencing

In the era of hybrid work and meetings, Haverford Systems understands the value of existing equipment in municipal settings and strives to incorporate it into our upgraded solutions. We excel at designing and implementing hybrid video conferencing and in-room presentation systems that work more efficiently even with existing equipment. This approach maximizes the utilization of current resources and ensures a smooth transition to more capable systems, leading to enhanced communication and overall productivity in government operations.

Tailoring Systems to Each Council’s Unique Needs

Every council and municipal body has unique needs regarding technological integrations. Recognizing this, Haverford Systems ensures that each system we design is custom-tailored to meet these specific requirements. Our team strives to create an efficient and effective technological environment that aids in meeting management, decision-making, and public engagement. Our commitment to customization enables each council to leverage technology optimally, facilitating smoother and more productive operations.

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

Upgrading Systems for Live Streaming and Recording

Haverford Systems Integration offers upgrades to existing systems to accommodate live streaming and meeting recordings. Updates ensure that arrangements are open to public viewing, fostering trust and transparency and creating a record that can be referred back to when necessary.

Haverford Systems Integration is a certified installer for Cisco, Poly, Zoom, and other top solutions to upgrade traditional audio-visual systems, promoting greater collaboration and efficiency. Haverford’s team can help you select technology that seamlessly integrates into the systems that your business uses today. Whether you are standardizing on Microsoft Teams, going all-in on Zoom, or unifying your communications with Google, Haverford can help. We build modern, easy-to-use spaces to foster better communication, increase productivity, and provide a more engaging experience for all participants.

Improving the Quality of City Council Meetings

A/V Upgrade in City of Reading Led to a Budget Decrease

The City of Reading, PA reported an unforeseen $48,000 savings because of the audio visual upgrade Haverford Systems installed in their council chambers.

The Haverford team worked with the city to customize a system that would allow them to live stream council meetings. While increasing government transparency and public engagement, this effort also led to a significant budget impact for the City of Reading. Check out the full story here.

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