Live Streaming Services

Looking to build and engage a large following for your company or House of Worship? Add live streaming to any room. Marketing, communications and sales teams are now harnessing the power of live streaming to broaden their reach to audiences everywhere. With a live stream, you can connect to the world instantly, and our team will help you fulfill that mission.

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Live Streaming Systems

The power of live streaming technology has revolutionized the way businesses, organizations, and individuals connect with their audiences. No longer bound by geographical constraints, live streaming offers an instant, interactive platform that amplifies messages, fosters real-time engagement, and broadens reach exponentially.

Integrating PTZ Cameras

The Haverford team can walk you through integrating PTZ cameras from various manufacturers like PTZOptics, software and hardware switchers, joysticks and audio systems. We can offer high- quality, pre-built solutions for recording and live streaming. These kits can be purchased from our online store and easily integrated, or Haverford Systems can provide custom installation for larger broadcast studio projects.

Live Streaming System – Key Financial Wealth Management

Key Financial is led by Patti Brennan, the President and CEO who is known for her strong connections with clientele. Key Financial uses their new live streaming studio to produce short videos, host live webinars and even produce live streams all with a small in-house team. The easy to use live streaming setup was installed by Haverford Systems featuring a PTZOptics PTZ camera, a teleprompter, vMix live streaming system, and a wireless microphone. Patti can now converse with her audience live, breaking down complex financial vistas into friendly chats which are then shared on popular social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

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