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Audio Visual Control Systems

Advances in technology are creating radical improvements in audiovisual control systems. Where systems were previously based on often complex hardware controllers, the future lies in the use of software, mobile devices, and integrated control. This change from hardware to software control will not only make AV systems more powerful, but it will also make them easier to use.

audio visual control systems

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the most in-demand criteria for new audiovisual control systems. As the use of AV in presentations, meetings, and educational settings is becoming more common, users want systems that are easy to operate and can be started without any help from IT support.

This is also a considerable benefit for often overstretched IT departments that can not afford to be present every time AV technology is used, especially in settings with a large number of meeting rooms.

Great Support

Adding audio visual control systems to your meeting spaces not only makes it easier for end users and support departments, but the support departments can remotely manage the conference room systems for more immediate response if help is needed, and for overall management of meeting space hardware resources on the network.

Creston audio visual control systems