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Tech Tips with Margaret

Have you ever felt unsure or confused about the best audio & visual solutions to keep you and your company connected? Tune into Margaret and the rest of the HSI team as we share the ins and outs of your AV solution.

Tech Tips with Margaret

Featured Margaret’s Tech Tips

Tech Tips With Margaret: How Microsoft Teams is Helping Businesses

With the workforce heavily scattered due to the conditions of the last year, employers have needed to make a lot of adjustments to keep their teams unified. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams has helped many people adapt to the new way of working as smoothly as possible.

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Tech Tips With Margaret: Microsoft Teams Brings Workers Together No Matter Where They Are

The workplace has become more spread out than ever for many people, with it being commonplace now for some people to not even be in the office while on the job. That’s why more companies have been unifying their workers virtually through the usage of Microsoft Teams.

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Tech Tips With Margaret: New Zoom Features Help Organizations Create Productive, Healthy Post-pandemic Workplaces

Many workers are well-acquainted with the fact that Zoom has been an integral part of the work experience due to the conditions of the last year. However, as more people become vaccinated, some companies are looking towards physically reuniting their workforce in the coming months. The people behind Zoom anticipated this and have developed additional Zoom features and add-ons to assist with this coming transition.

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Tech Tips With Margaret: The Advantages of Zoom Phone

Everyone has become well-acquainted with Zoom’s video call service, and it has become one of the standard ways for working professionals to stay in touch virtually. However, Zoom also recently celebrated the two year anniversary of its new service designed to give professionals even more versatility: Zoom Phone.

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Tech Tips with Margaret: 4 Pointers to Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe and Secure

The last year has turned Zoom into a normal part of the workday for many people. However, communicating virtually can make it more difficult to keep sensitive information secure.

Tech Tips With Margaret: Injecting Fun and Personality into Your Next Executive Zoom Meeting

For many, the last year with the pandemic has turned video conference services like Zoom from conveniences into workplace necessities. It hasn’t been an easy transition having to navigate challenges like video chat etiquette.

Downingtown’s HuddleCamHD to Offer Full Day of Professional Development for Video Communicators

With online meetings literally consuming our lives these past several months, have you ever considered spending time on professional development for online communications…

Gold Level Certification from Zoom Verifies Local Company’s Expertise in Systems Integration

Being a Zoom expert is something many aspire to these days, but few can actually claim….

Haverford Systems Working Hard to Meet Its Customers’ Remote Communications Needs

Given current events – which have created unprecedented demand for remote communications, video conferencing, and live streaming – it should come as no surprise that Haverford Systems is working overtime to meet its customers’ needs…

streamgeeks event planner

StreamGeeks Publish Guide for Event Planners Who Want to Host Private Live Streams, Virtual Events

At a time when events are being canceled all around the world, Paul Richards, the Chief Streaming Officer of the West Chester-based StreamGeeks, has published a book that may be able to help…

Downingtown-Based Haverford Systems Keeps Clients’ Technological Infrastructure on Cutting Edge

Office and conference room technology has evolved a great deal in the last few decades, and Haverford Systems, a full-service, audiovisual integration company based in Downingtown, has been at the forefront of that evolution since its founding in 1987…