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Tech Tips with Margaret

Have you ever felt unsure or confused about the best audio & visual solutions to keep you and your company connected? Tune into Margaret and the rest of the HSI team as we share the ins and outs of your AV solution.

Tech Tips with Margaret

Featured Margaret’s Tech Tips

Tech Tips With Margaret: How Will Your Company Handle Remote Work After the Pandemic Ends?

While we’re all hoping for much of life to return to how it used to be after the pandemic ends, the changes we’ve seen to the workplace have not been all bad. In fact, many analysts are predicting some form of remote work is here to stay and that that isn’t a bad thing.

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Tech Tips With Margaret: Thanks to Zoom, Business Travelers are Working From Home

The forced safety precautions imposed due to the pandemic have made many realize they can accomplish a lot more remotely than they may have thought. And now traveling for work is being reexamined as well. Will we all just resume flying out for meetings again once health restrictions are fully lifted?

Tech Tips With Margaret: How to Create a Hybrid-Friendly Workplace

As much as everyone hates to hear it, the Delta variant of COVID is complicating our return to everyday life. Now some states are reinstating mask mandates and calls for social distancing, so it’s safe to say that for many remote work will continue to be an option.

Tech Tips With Margaret: How Each Employee’s Own Digital Devices Can Help with Social Distancing

As restrictions continue to remain in flux for many people, workers are prepared to continue making use of much of what they learned in working from home. Part of that may very well be continuing to rely significantly on personal devices rather than company equipment.

Tech Tips With Margaret: Preparing the Workplace for a Hybrid of Both Virtual and In-Person Employees

More and more businesses are lifting their restrictions and allowing employees to return to the office. However, now that many workers have seen they can perform their job virtually, it has them questioning if they can just continue working from home.

Tech Tips With Margaret: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Video Surveillance Security System

Video surveillance has long been a powerful tool in crime prevention, and the technology has only become more sophisticated with time. Modern surveillance equipment can be accessed all on your own cell phone to monitor a live feed of the premises. Anyone concerned about safety should be using such a system.

Tech Tips With Margaret: How a Shoe Distribution Center Used a Messaging System to Increase Safety During Covid

Everyone is familiar with Crocs shoes, but what you might not realize is that the already popular footwear brand became even higher in demand after COVID started.

Tech Tips With Margaret: How to Host a Successful Hybrid Meeting

Regardless of what the CDC says is safe going forward, it’s doubtful that some offices will ever return to a fully onsite staff. Some have learned that remote work is more efficient for them and they don’t want to go back to a process that they find less effective.

Tech Tips With Margaret: COVID Precautions Have Made Organizations Realize Why They Need Zoom Phone

Digital communication was already a vital part of many workplaces even prior to COVID. And once the pandemic began, Zoom became ubiquitous as a must-have tool. However, even though many have grown quite used to Zoom’s video conferences, some still are not making use of the full potential Zoom has to offer.

Tech Tips With Margaret: Picking the Best Communication Platform For Each Situation

We are lucky to live in a time when we have an abundance of digital communications tools at our fingertips. However, the thing with tools is they each have a purpose they are best suited towards.

Tech Tips With Margaret: Concerned About Returning to the Noise of a Busy Office? “Sound Masking” Could Help

If you’ve grown used to the quiet of working at home, the thought of returning to an office with other people might make you concerned about having to readjust to trying to tune out other people’s conversations so you can get some work done.

Rosemont College

Rosemont College Proves Hybrid Learning Model is Long-Term Play for Integrators

AV integrators shouldn’t stop talking about distance learning and remote education opportunities with education clients.