New Company? Here Is What Your AV Setup Should Entail

As the owner of a new business, you likely have many concerns. Locating a space, staffing, and finances are probably at the top of your agenda. But no matter how long your to-do list, don’t neglect audiovisual setup needs. An audiovisual installation company with experience working with your type of business will be able to help you determine which services will be most valuable for you.   

So, what tools should you consider? In short, it depends on your type of business. 


If you run a financial institution, manufacturing distribution facility or a retail establishment, such as a jewelry or electronics store, security should be top of mind. As a business owner, you may be vulnerable to large annual monetary losses due to theft or fraudulent claims, such as wrongful injury or harassment. In addition, thieves tend to target businesses they perceive as unprotected – the presence of security systems alone will discourage break-ins. Surveillance cameras also add to your employee’s sense of security. On the flip side, workers tend to be more productive when they know a monitorable camera is present.  

An audiovisual installation company that is skilled in designing and installing security camera systems can help point you to the right brand and create a customized setup that is the most appropriate and beneficial for your business.  

Exacq Technologies Inc. is one developer of video management systems for security and surveillance that can be configured for all different size businesses, from a small operation that needs only a single camera to a large corporation or campus that requires thousands.  

Sound Masking and Paging Systems 

If your business is one in which privacy is of optimum importance and a matter of legalities, such as a financial institution or a healthcare operation, you should consider installing sound masking equipment to make speech noise less intelligible. 

These systems can protect patient and staff or customer conversations. Sound masking also has the added advantage of blocking extraneous noise, thus minimizing distractions and improving productivity. Additionally, IP controllable sound masking systems also allow users to play music or page customers, employees, or patients.  

Overhead paging systems are especially useful in corporate offices, distribution centers, hospitals, and healthcare practices. You can use them to distribute pre-recorded messages, announce shift changes and break times, and provide safety information. 

Large Format Video Displays

Large format video walls can add visual interest, increase customer traffic, promote your brand, and keep employees informed of important information. Cutting-edge displays open a world of possibilities. They encourage interactive storytelling that engages and entertains customers, enables new product announcements to be presented in a captivating manner, and can even tell your employees and customers what type of weather they can expect in the next day or week. 

 Today, video walls are much more affordable than ever and are available in a range of sizes. They can be configured in numerous ways, such as a mosaic-style or to fit a curved wall. In addition, they add a cutting-edge visual element and wow-factor to your business’s interior.  

Web Conferencing Systems 

There is no question that audio and video conferencing is more important than ever. If you have employees or customers in multiple locations and plan to do any business using a virtual or hybrid model, you’ll need a reliable, user-friendly video conferencing system. An experienced audiovisual installation company can assess your business’s needs and create an audiovisual setup that will allow you to accomplish your goals, whether your space is large or small. 

Equipment to consider includes dedicated webcams that allow speakers to move around and still be seen by those who are not physically there, and pan-tilt-zoom cameras that ensure every participant around the table is visible. An effective audio system is just as crucial, as collaboration is jeopardized when physically present or virtual team members can’t be heard. In-ceiling speakers and wireless table mics ensure no voice is excluded.

Haverford Systems Incorporated has 30 years of experience providing audiovisual solutions for Philadelphia-area customers. We are a GOLD Level Certified Zoom Integrator. Our technicians will meet with you to determine your audiovisual needs and design an affordable, user-friendly setup that is customized for your business.

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