HSI & Vizabli: Creating Cutting-Edge Digital Whiteboard Technology for the Healthcare Space

HSI & Vizabli: Creating Cutting-Edge Digital Whiteboard Technology for the Healthcare Space

What Is a Digital Whiteboard?

A digital whiteboard is a software solution that functions like a whiteboard you would find in a classroom or hospital setting but with touchscreen capabilities, app integrations, and internet connectivity. With a digital whiteboard, healthcare providers can bring the power of the cloud to hospital rooms, nursing stations, and doctors’ offices. Healthcare professionals can use these digital whiteboards for reviewing test results, referencing patient information at digital nursing stations, demonstrating concepts, and sharing information with patients.

Digital whiteboards are only one of the ways HSI is improving healthcare delivery. Click here to learn more about our acute care engagement system.

How Digital Whiteboards Improve Healthcare Delivery

There are many ways that digital whiteboards improve healthcare delivery. We’ve listed some of them below.

Administrative Tool

These interactive whiteboards serve as a visual aid during both in-person and virtual interactions with healthcare providers, whether that’s in a hospital room, a doctor’s examination room, or at a nursing station. Healthcare providers can explain complex concepts using hand-drawn or web-sourced photos. They can also pull up any helpful charts or graphs that may aid a patient in understanding their health. Additionally, they can show patients their test results or images while explaining them to keep the patient on the same page more easily.

When the appointment is over, a healthcare provider can save any notes they’ve taken on the interactive whiteboard and upload them to the patient’s file in the cloud. From there, they can be accessed by the patient for reference and by other healthcare providers involved with the patient’s care. These providers can now access that patient’s file from anywhere, even if they don’t work in the same practice or hospital where the appointment took place. For example, a nurse could pull up the patient’s file at a digital nursing station the next time the patient comes in to see how their vitals compare to previous visits.


Now that education has a permanent virtual aspect to it across all levels and disciplines, creating engaging virtual experiences for students is key to providing quality education.

With interactive whiteboards, educators can recreate the hands-on experiences of in-person teaching through virtual discussions, collaborations, brainstorming sessions, and labs, all with remote students. For example, a teacher could use digital whiteboards to demonstrate a virtual surgical procedure for medical students or to let students collaboratively annotate an article in a medical journal.


Interactive whiteboards encourage patients to participate in their own care, rather than receive and follow instructions provided by a doctor. A patient communication board serves as a link between a doctor’s expertise and a patient’s thought process.

They can contribute their drawings or notes to their file, and they can see what a doctor is writing down as the appointment is taking place, rather than wondering what the doctor is writing down in their file. As for after the appointment, patients have easy access to notes and follow-up care instructions via email and or messaging apps, so they are more likely to follow up with medications, provider instructions, and subsequent appointments.

Additionally, children, disabled people, and people who can’t communicate in traditional ways can draw on a patient communication board to express themselves in ways that make sense to them. These boards are incredibly easy to learn to use, so people less familiar with technology can still use them effectively.

How HSI and Vizabli Are Innovating Healthcare Solutions

Digital whiteboards are a vital component of the healthcare delivery experience, and we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Vizabli, furthering our mission to create cutting-edge technology in the healthcare space.

Why We Partnered with Vizabli

Vizabli pioneered a new concept called Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) which brings together the three main groups of people involved in a patient’s care: the patient themself, healthcare staff, and the patient’s friends and family. Everyone has the same goal: a positive outcome for the patient. An ACES provides staff engagement, patient engagement, and public engagement together in an integrated platform, prioritizing the patient’s experience and outcomes above all else.

Vizabli’s ACES product was designed and built from the ground up. It provides a single, secure, redundant integration environment that synthesizes data from multiple sources and presents it to everyone involved in a patient’s care.

This way, everyone is on the same page and has equal access to all of the information necessary to determine the best course of action for a patient’s care. HSI, with its narrow focus on audiovisual technology, possesses the technical expertise to successfully integrate Vizabli’s incredible tech into any healthcare space for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers all over the globe.

Learn More About Haverford’s Digital Whiteboards

Click here to learn more about Haverford’s Acute Care Engagement System and digital whiteboards.