Take Flight Learning: Virtual Studio Connects Audiences Worldwide

At a recent conference in Switzerland, Merrick Rosenberg, a leading figure in the team-building industry, demonstrated the transformative impact of leveraging one’s personality for success and enhanced relationships. What made this presentation unique was that Rosenberg delivered it seamlessly from his Marlton, NJ office. This was made possible because of the innovative virtual studio solutions provided by Haverford Systems.

Take Flight Learning team in their studio

Led by Merrick Rosenberg, Take Flight Learning specializes in team-building services using a reimagined version of classic DISC styles. Rosenberg’s approach is known for its effectiveness in driving success and strengthening relationships.

The Challenge:

The new Take Flight Learning studio would be utilized to produce training programs, webinars, and podcasts. With a significant portion of content distributed virtually, Rosenberg recognized the need for a more dynamic and engaging virtual studio. The challenge was to create a studio that could enhance the impact of virtual presentations and also differentiate Take Flight Learning in a saturated online environment.

Our Solution:

Rosenberg approached Haverford Systems with a broad vision for the studio. He needed a partner who could bring his ideas to life and offer technical expertise for a seamless virtual experience. Haverford Systems proved to be the ideal collaborator.

“From the beginning, I had a sense of what I needed in a studio but didn’t know how to set it up,” said Rosenberg. “Haverford Systems was instantaneously there and helpful. They made it very easy, asked a lot of probing questions, and came back with recommendations.”

Haverford Systems outfitted Take Flight Learning’s studio with a 75-inch screen and a multi-camera system, elevating the power of Rosenberg’s presentations. The installation included strategically placed microphones in the ceiling, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring during virtual sessions.

“A lot of the content we produce is distributed virtually,” said Rosenberg. “Instead of me just sitting at a computer, like you do in Zoom meetings, we now have a studio that we can use for our training programs, webinars, and podcasts. Multiple camera angles give our productions a more dynamic feel, and we even have microphones in the ceiling so we don’t have to get all wired up.”

The Impact:

The implementation of Haverford Systems’ solutions has not only met but exceeded Rosenberg’s expectations. The enhanced studio has empowered Rosenberg to deliver presentations that stand out in the virtual space.

“Most virtual speakers are sitting at their desk, but we have more camera angles,” said Rosenberg. “When I present, it’s like I’m standing up in front of a room with people from all over the world.”


Haverford Systems‘ commitment to being the region’s highest quality source for the design, integration, installation, service, and support of custom A/V systems is evident in the success of the Take Flight Learning project. Our expertise can transform virtual experiences, providing our clients with a competitive edge in the digital landscape.