Biggest AV Trends from InfoComm 2024

InfoComm 2024 was nothing short of a spectacular showcase of the latest and greatest in pro-AV technology. As one of the premier events in the audio-visual industry, InfoComm brings together innovators, experts, and enthusiasts from around the globe to explore cutting-edge technologies and trends.

Our team had the opportunity to attend this year’s show in Las Vegas and we’re excited to share some of the biggest AV trends from InfoComm 2024 that will be shaping the industry.

Trend #1: Connected Ecosystems Drive Immersive Tech.

Ecosystems like Q-SYS and Crestron are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AV technology. These interconnected systems leverage advanced automation and customization to create truly immersive experiences. From smart classrooms to sophisticated conference rooms, the ability to integrate multiple technologies seamlessly is going to transform how we interact with our environments.

Trend #2: AV over IP Emerges as Companies Scale Up.

The transmission of audio and video signals over networks is becoming increasingly prevalent as companies look for scalable solutions. AV over IP allows for easy content distribution to multiple devices, making it a flexible and cost-effective option for growing businesses. This trend is changing how we think about AV infrastructure, offering unparalleled scalability and efficiency.

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Trend #3: Digital Displays Go Beyond Ordinary.

Digital signage has taken a leap with innovations like transparent LED touch screens and 3D moving video walls. These breakthroughs are raising the bar for immersive digital displays, creating eye-catching visuals that captivate audiences. Whether for advertising, education, or entertainment, these advanced displays offer creative new opportunities to drive engagement.

Trend #4: Remote Monitoring Becomes a New Standard.

The widespread adoption of built-in remote monitoring is transforming AV system management. This trend allows for virtual control and oversight, making it easier than ever to manage and troubleshoot systems from virtually anywhere. As remote work and virtual collaboration become more common, the ability to monitor and manage AV systems remotely is becoming essential.

Trend #5: 360 Cameras Bring Everyone Into Focus.

More leading brands are releasing advanced 360-degree conference cameras, which capture audio and video from all angles. These intelligent tabletop cameras ensure that every meeting participant can be seen and heard equally, creating a more inclusive and engaging experience. In an era where virtual and hybrid meetings are the norm, 360 cameras are going to make it easier to connect and collaborate effectively.

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Trend #6: Esports Curriculum Rises, AV Tech Responds.

As esports programs rise in popularity, innovative AV technology is stepping up to meet the demand. Schools and colleges are incorporating gaming simulators and high-resolution displays to create immersive gaming rooms. Powerful graphics, low latency, and overall performance continue to be the main focus of AV technology in esports for live competitive events.

Trend #7: Wayfinding Systems, The Future of Navigation.

Digital wayfinding systems are becoming increasingly powerful and user-friendly. Displaying interactive 3D maps, these systems simplify navigation in large and complex settings, such as airports, hospitals, and universities. As technology becomes more integrated into physical environments, wayfinding systems lead the way in creating dynamic visitor experiences.

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Trend #8: Projectors Embrace a Fresh Era of Innovation.

Projectors are experiencing a resurgence with new features like extreme short throw displays, curved displays, and 3D projection. These advancements deliver stunning visuals and immersive experiences with unparalleled flexibility. Whether for business, education, or entertainment, the new generation of projectors will redefine what’s possible in visual technology.

With the latest pro-AV technology unveiled at InfoComm, imagine the immersive experiences, streamlined workflows, and enhanced communication these innovations could bring to organizations across Philadelphia. At Haverford Systems, we are proud to be at the forefront of these exciting releases and AV trends from InfoComm 2024, providing clients with state-of-the-art technology and forward-thinking solutions. 

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