As Video Surveillance Grows, Find the Best Tech for Your Needs

As Video Surveillance Grows, Find the Best Tech for Your Needs

Like many technological fields, video surveillance has come a long way. When you think of video surveillance, perhaps old detective or police shows come to mind. Such shows featured grainy, gray footage that would implicate some criminal suspect. Fast forward to today, and video surveillance has become more accessible, universally used, and of higher quality.

Haverford Systems can provide the expertise needed when looking for video surveillance options and services for your property. Today, video surveillance isn’t all about grainy footage and closed-circuit television (CCTV). More dynamic, customizable features are available, ones that can suit your needs no matter the size of your property or level of security required.

Early video surveillance

Early video surveillance methods relied on analog CCTV, where a typically fixed camera would perch and peer out over a defined area. Footage was always in black and white and quite grainy in quality. Such cameras provided real-time security and surveillance, and they relied on a human operator to constantly monitor the cameras’ receiving screens to look out for trouble. Recording footage was much more complicated, involving reel-to-reel taping.

The introduction of VCRs in the 1970s made recorded surveillance footage more feasible, but it was still a far cry from offering the digital solutions and ease-of-use features available today.

By hooking up video surveillance cameras to an Ethernet network, as opposed to relying on analog means of connection, surveillance cameras could become more flexible and provide higher-resolution footage. This shift to digital in the late ‘90s and 2000s made video surveillance more widely available and greatly improved its features.

Video surveillance today

Today video surveillance is very common and widespread, with millions of cameras installed in the U.S. and worldwide. Surveillance technologies aren’t limited to only high-profile buildings and organizations. The lower cost and accessibility of modern video surveillance technology means that many private companies, homeowners, small businesses, and everyday people install and use forms of surveillance to enhance safety and peace of mind.

Because video surveillance is so widespread, consumers have vast options available in terms of cameras, control systems, installation, and other features. That’s why it’s key to consult with an experienced company like Haverford Systems. We can help to ensure that you get the right video surveillance equipment and systems to meet your needs, as we’ve worked with both small companies and global organizations to create customized surveillance solutions.

Selecting the best video surveillance for you

As discussed, video surveillance technology is dynamic, with new features and equipment constantly being developed and offered. Haverford Systems works with top manufacturers in the industry, such as Exacq Technologies, Axis, and Arecont, to recommend and install surveillance servers, cameras, and related gear. These companies provide high-quality but also affordable and customizable equipment. Therefore, it’s important to understand which features and options will best suit your needs and which ones you won’t need.

Haverford has worked to help design and install surveillance systems with centralized management for single and multiple campuses. Whether you’re looking for some added security or are hoping to outfit multiple buildings with video surveillance technology, we can help you decide which cameras to include. Modern video surveillance cameras offer many options, such as indoor or outdoor use, night modes, 360-degree viewing, motion-sensing abilities, and more. There’s a lot to consider, so we can work with you and your budget to make the best decisions for your needs and properties.

Looking to install video surveillance tech? Haverford can help

Audiovisual technology and camera systems are ever-present today. The affordability of video surveillance is also making it a staple across businesses and all types of property. Because video surveillance technology consultation and installation are just a couple of the many services offered by Haverford, we would be glad to provide more info and take your questions.