Abington Presbyterian Church: Live Streaming Capabilities

Recognizing the need to modernize how they engage with their community, Abington Presbyterian Church approached us with the challenge of upgrading their audio visual system for live streaming. Our team conducted a thorough site survey to evaluate the pre-existing infrastructure, camera locations, and network setup. While the church was capable of recording using their old system, the limitations in live streaming capabilities left them wanting a more effective way to connect with their congregation.

Scope of Work

Our solution involved the installation of two PTZOptics SDI cameras which provide versatile coverage with the flexibility to capture multiple angles and focal lengths. The old audio system was replaced with a state-of-the-art Focusrite Scarlett audio interface. Leveraging the church’s existing PC, the addition of a joystick controller, two monitors, and vMix software enabled the church to create professional live streaming productions.


With the upgraded system, Abington Presbyterian Church now enjoys advanced recording capabilities and significantly improved live streaming features. The new setup positions Abington Presbyterian Church to better connect with their members with an immersive virtual experience.