6 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Meeting so Everyone Engages

6 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Meeting so Everyone Engages

Almost no one is a stranger to virtual meetings today. Virtual meetings have become such a routine and normal part of so many people’s workdays that they can quickly get old. But no matter the type of presentation or meeting, it’s important that attendees stay engaged.

So, how to keep attendees engaged during virtual meetings? There are several strategies and tips you might incorporate, starting with having the best technology conducive to keeping viewers engaged and actively listening and participating.

Use the Right Camera

Speakers and presenters at virtual meetings and presentations who have great video and audio quality are simply easier to pay attention to. Making sure you’re using a webcam with a good video definition will create a more crisp, clear image. For presentations taking place in meeting rooms and large conference centers, using quality cameras, such as PTZ cameras, can help to make sure that presenters are kept in focus and displayed from the best angle. 

A good camera can also better compensate for low-light environments, which hinder video quality. Still, it’s always best to have a light source facing toward you when appearing on the video to create the clearest image possible.

Be Heard

It’s awfully tough to maintain attention when a speaker’s voice is garbled or inaudible due to poor audio quality or an insufficient microphone during live streaming, video conferencing, or other meetings. Often, conducting a microphone check ahead of time is all that’s needed to make sure that presenters can be clearly heard. 

If presenting from video conferencing rooms and larger settings, audio quality, even during live streaming, can be more difficult to control due to the larger space. An audiovisual service team from Haverford can always look at custom solutions for improving sound quality if needed.

Keep Cameras On 

It can be easy to turn off cameras and mute audio when attending a virtual meeting, but doing so can make meetings feel one-sided and non-interactive. Presenters shouldn’t hesitate to kindly ask that viewers keep cameras on and audio unmuted. When participants see each other’s smiles or laugh at jokes together, etc., it can keep everyone more engaged!

Benefits of Built-In Features

Most virtual meeting platforms offer feedback features and quick ways to participate beyond actually speaking. Simply hitting a thumbs up or smiley face button provides simple, easy feedback. And while such instances aren’t perhaps as interactive as asking a question or sharing a comment, simple prompts and quick responses help to make sure that viewers are paying attention and participating, so don’t overlook these features.

Splitting Into Groups

Even if all participants are remote during virtual meetings, video conferencing events, and live streaming, it can still be intimidating to speak and ask a question during a large virtual meeting with many participants. So, when meetings can’t be kept small, incorporate breakout rooms and small-group discussions to help keep everyone engaged. By splitting a large group into smaller groups, discussion and engagement become more natural and even more necessary. Just be sure to give everyone a prompt or topic to discuss! Silences during small-group meetings can still be uncomfortable.

Give it a Break

By scheduling in and letting participants know that there will be breaks during a meeting, viewers will actually stay more engaged. Give attendees five or 10 minutes to turn off their cameras and stretch a bit. Afterward, attention will be easier to regain, and people can manage urgent requests that might otherwise compete for their attention during a virtual meeting.

Technology Solutions for Virtual Meetings

Even the most engaged audience can focus only for so long. And while viewers’ Internet connections and hardware can limit their ability to engage with a virtual meeting, it’s best to make sure that presenters do all they can to ensure that virtual meetings are participatory and engaging events. No matter the content, engaging meetings are more effective and even fun!  

If you have any questions or would like some tips on how to make sure your audiovisual technology is on par to make your virtual meetings professional and engaging, feel free to book a meeting with Haverford Systems. We can also help with audiovisual installation, upgrading technology, and customizing your conference rooms, event spaces, and other areas for virtual meetings, presentations, and other events.