For Manufacturers and Warehouses, a Good Paging System Is Paramount

For Manufacturers and Warehouses, a Good Paging System Is Paramount

In a large facility, how do you go about notifying everybody of an alert or important announcement quickly and easily? Do you send a company-wide email? Or text everyone’s phones? No. For immediate matters and important announcements, overhead paging systems are still the tried and true technology that’s best.

While there are different types and different technical features available with various paging systems, it can be useful to understand the most common needs and uses for a paging system and also the types of systems and capabilities that are available. So, let’s take a closer look at overhead paging systems and how Haverford Systems can help you to select and install a system that suits your needs.

The importance of paging systems

Overhead paging systems have long been integral for businesses and companies to quickly notify their customers and employees about important announcements. In warehouses and manufacturing facilities, paging systems are important for making emergency notifications and for making sure everyone can hear and take note of announcements.

In manufacturing facilities and large warehouses, ambient noise from machinery and other sources coupled with poor acoustics can make it difficult to quickly notify everyone of an emergency. Therefore, a suitable paging system becomes an important piece of safety equipment. And while the basic premise of paging systems hasn’t changed, modern paging systems can integrate with sensors, relays, and software, in order to trigger an alert. Yes, speakers can get loud, as it’s necessary to cut through the noise of manufacturing processes and warehouse work.

Paging systems are also important because warehouses and manufacturing are all about producing, storing, and distributing products efficiently. There are many systems in place to keep the overall work and products flowing, and if teams can’t communicate quickly or hear announcements and updates, that cuts efficiency and wastes time. No active warehouse and company can afford that! Paging systems can also distribute pre-recorded messages and reminders in addition to being used for live-speaker announcements.

Paging systems and abilities

When looking for a paging system, it’s important to consider different features available and to think about your needs specifically. It’s a common misconception that paging systems and intercoms are the same things. While similar, paging systems deliver one-way communication and announcements that cover a broad area. Intercom systems enable two-way communication, and the receiver can respond using a designated device or panel or can sometimes pick up a phone that’s connected to the line. Both types of systems have their uses.

Paging systems can often also use specific tones to indicate shift changes, breaks, and safety concerns. Not everything transmitted over a paging system needs to be an announcement from a live speaker. Some can even relay music.

While the technical specifications of various paging systems can differ, Haverford Systems works with companies like AtlastIED, QSC, Lencore, Axis, and Biamp, to make sure that the right equipment is available to fit your needs. Different systems have different connectivity abilities as far as integrating with existing systems and software. But, in terms of interface and operability, paging systems are made to be easy to use — there’s no time to fumble with controls when an alert or important announcement must be made.

New paging system? Contact the experts

Whether you’re installing a new paging system or just upgrading and expanding the abilities of your existing system, Haverford Systems’ experts can help you to find and explore different options to suit your needs and can ensure your system is installed to the specifications needed. From there, we’ll help make sure the system’s up and running and can be counted on for making important announcements and issuing alerts.

It’s true that paging systems and similar technology have a direct and clear purpose, but installing a system on your own and selecting the right technological components takes expertise. That’s where Haverford can help. So give us a call at (610) 518-2210 or send us a note at [email protected].