Central Moravian Church: Modernized for Live Streaming

Haverford Systems executed a transformative project for Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem, PA that allowed the church to connect with a broader audience through live streaming. Upgrading the audio-visual infrastructure presented a unique challenge—modernizing the church without compromising its historic architecture, rather, accentuating it.

Scope of Work

Following a detailed site survey, we recommended a comprehensive system that included four 30X PTZOptics NDI cameras, a Wirecast Gear 420 system, X-Keys controller, and a PTZOptics IP Joystick. Given the large open space and historic architecture of Central Moravian Church, our team strategically installed the four cameras – two positioned in the front and two in the back – to capture every angle with dynamic coverage.


The implementation of Haverford Systems’ solution enabled Central Moravian Church to effortlessly live stream services to platforms like Facebook and YouTube. The user-friendly setup, coupled with intuitive controls, allowed for easy operation for the church staff so they could produce higher quality live streams. This created an immersive virtual experience for members attending worship services from home, making them feel as if they were right there in the heart of the historic church.