Why Distribution Facility Paging Systems Are Vital

Why Distribution Facility Paging Systems Are Vital

What Is a Distribution Facility Paging System?

If you manage or work for a distribution facility, you may be familiar with distribution facility paging systems. Perhaps you are looking for a new one or aren’t familiar at all and are looking for more information about what they are and how they are beneficial. Haverford Systems has the answers and is here to help.

A paging system is a one-way communication tool to get a message to a large number of people all at once –– in this case, the workers in a distribution facility. Being able to talk to your entire workforce, or even just a specific section of your workforce, at once is efficient in more ways than one, and in an emergency situation, it could easily save lives.

What are the Benefits of a Distribution Facility Paging System?

There are many benefits to installing a distribution facility paging system in your workplace.

Emergency Communications

Paging systems are vital in emergencies when you need to contact everyone in the vicinity immediately and all at once. Whether it’s an evacuation order, a shelter-in-place order, or an active shooter situation, a paging system, which bypasses the need for a working cellphone network and reaches people without personal phones, is the most effective way to relay important instructions quickly.

With a paging system, you don’t have to rely on people looking at their cellphones, hearing a small notification sound, or being in a dead zone where signals can’t get through. Pager systems are harder to hack than phone networks, too (see below).

Cybercrime and Bug Resistant

Emails and text messages are communication methods that hackers breach every day, even at large, secure facilities like hospitals and military bases. These breaches can bring down communications unexpectedly and for days at a time. Paging systems are more secure and less valuable targets for hackers. And, as a mature technology, they don’t fall prey to the bugs, glitches, and other technical issues that email or text communications experience.

Targeted Messaging

While paging systems are usually thought of as a mass communication tool, paging systems can also be set up to send messages to certain areas of your distribution facility. If you need to share information with workers in one area of your facility but not the rest, you broadcast a message only to specific zones.

Increased Productivity

Messages that once needed to be relayed man-to-man can now be relayed via the distribution facility paging system, making less work for everyone and increasing productivity.


Paging systems are less expensive to maintain, update, and fix than mobile or email systems. They’re simpler, easier, and last longer.

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If you’re interested in installing a distribution facility paging system in your facility, the Haverford Systems team will provide training and support for you every step of the way. Our certified AV technicians will design and implement a paging system that works for your facility’s specific needs.

When you decide to work with Haverford Systems, our certified AV technicians will review your facility space drawings, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, and elevations to make a proper assessment of the space. Most importantly, Haverford Systems’ technicians can work off-hours to install your paging system when your facility isn’t operating so you can maintain efficiency and not lose any time during this important process of making your facility safer for your employees.

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