AV Systems and Why They Should Be Included in Your Budget

Imagine sitting in a conference room (or your family room) and watching a work presentation. There is no opportunity for feedback. The presenter clicks through PowerPoint slide after PowerPoint slide. At times, you have to strain to hear the speaker. You are finding it difficult to stay engaged. Eventually, your eyes glaze over, and you tune out. 

Sound familiar? Now you have an idea as to why every organization should include an up-to-date audiovisual system in its budget. Salaries, facilities, and marketing are all crucial and substantial expenses. But you shouldn’t overlook an AV system when you allocate resources. 

There are a myriad of benefits to working with an experienced audiovisual installation company to integrate a user-friendly AV system into your organization’s operations. It can help improve your meetings, engage more customers, attract new members, ensure privacy, and enhance existing services. 

Engage, collaborate, and build 

Audiovisual equipment that contributes to engagement, encourages collaboration, and helps build your customer base or membership is a worthwhile budget item. 

In any type of setting, interactive displays with a whiteboard application can strengthen participation for your entire team. Another option is to utilize the collaboration tools within your web conferencing applications, like with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. At a time when many schools, religious institutions, and corporations are still operating at least partially remotely, a whiteboard application allows team members to brainstorm and share their ideas in real time, regardless of their physical location. 

Live Streaming equipment is another powerful tool to build and reach members or employees beyond a physical location. In corporate environments, live streaming equipment provides for more productive training and captivating inclusive events. Live streaming is valuable via web conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams but you can also consider broadcasting to social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitch to increase viewership and create a community around your brand.

With physical distancing regulations still in place in most of the country, live streaming can allow religious institutions to build a following when physical space is limited. Live Streamed services are also a low-risk way for a prospective congregant to “try out” a religious institution before they relocate or follow a move.  

Ensure privacy, minimize distractions

Installed in or above your ceiling, sound masking raises the ambient noise level of an environment to make speech noise less intelligible. 

In businesses for which privacy is of optimum importance, such as medical facilities, an effective sound masking system protects patient and staff conversations. IP controllable sound masking systems can also allow users to play music or page customers, employees, or patients. 

Even in a workplace situation where privacy isn’t the primary concern, extraneous noises can be distracting, which affects productivity. Minimizing distractions can help your team stay on task and be more productive. Enhanced productivity has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line! 

Everyone is heard 

Whether you work at a school, business, or religious institution, an effective audio system means more participants can collaborate and everyone is heard and understood. When audio quality is poor, much of the content can be lost to viewers and listeners, causing participants to tune out. AV equipment such as in-ceiling speakers or wireless table mics ensures no voice is excluded.

How we work

With over 30 years in business, Haverford Systems Inc. is the Philadelphia region’s most experienced audiovisual installation company serving medical facilities, religious institutions, schools, and corporations. 

Our process begins with a meeting in which we discuss your team’s requirements, followed by an on-site assessment of your current audiovisual equipment setup. After that, you can expect a detailed list of recommendations based on your organization’s needs, full-service installation, and customized training for your staff. 

Schedule a meeting with our audiovisual installation experts, and we can tell you more about why you should include audiovisual installation in your organization’s budget.