A Case Study: Financial Institutions and Audiovisual Solutions

To compete in today’s marketplace, financial institutions must find new ways to engage existing customers and attract new patrons while simultaneously keeping the organization running smoothly. 

Working with an innovative audiovisual installation company is a great way to determine which high-tech solutions can grow and enhance your organization. Haverford Systems Incorporated, an experienced audiovisual installation company serving the Philadelphia region, has over 30 years of experience in audiovisual design and installation for businesses. 

When working with customers, Haverford Systems first opens a dialogue followed by a site visit so our technicians can gain a thorough understanding of your corporation’s needs and recommend hardware to help accomplish your goals. 

The next steps are designing and installing a customized audiovisual system. Digital signage, sound masking equipment, web conferencing, and live streaming can all play a role in boosting your business. 

Getting their attention

Large digital signage in corporate spaces is both impressive and eye-catching. Cutting-edge displays can boost customer’s connections with your company through interactive storytelling. They can also freshen your corporate space and allow your company to highlight its talents, articulate its mission, or excitingly showcase its brand. 

At one local bank, Haverford Systems installed Carousel digital signage in the lobby of each branch, including flat panel displays with content players behind each. Through these displays, customers see product offerings, view welcome announcements and corporate logos, and even scan the weather forecast for coming days. 

The displays are designed to sit flush to create a discreet yet captivating presence. The corporation’s communications department can change content through the corporate intranet with just the click of a button. 

At another local business, Haverford designed a huge attention-grabbing Planar LED video wall. The impressive display is located inside the bank branch but faces towards the street, displaying compelling historical facts about the bank as well as financial product offerings, time and temperature, and its corporate logos. 

Keeping the noise down

Sound masking installed in or above a ceiling in a business environment raises the ambient noise level to make speech noise less intelligible. This is particularly important where privacy is of optimum importance and a matter of legality, such as in financial institutions. The Bureau of Consumer Protection requires companies that provide financial products or services to safeguard sensitive data. 

At one local credit union, Haverford Systems installed Biamp sound masking systems in open office areas and executive office spaces. The sound masking equipment means that financial information that is communicated orally is safeguarded against inadvertent disclosure and subsequent misuse. Haverford Systems also installed sound systems at all of the business’s retail branches to provide background music for an enhanced customer experience.  

Bringing people together 

Videoconferencing and live streaming equipment are powerful tools for financial institutions, especially when it comes to facilitating collaboration between employees who are working out of multiple locations. These technologies can also boost productivity and even lower costs because virtual meetings reduce employees’ travel. Haverford Systems worked with two financial institutions to strengthen their business practices through audiovisual technology. 

One corporation requested an easy-to-use web conferencing room and presentation equipment for its corporate headquarters that required minimal user training and support. Haverford Systems introduced them to Zoom and the Zoom Room application. The room iPad and mini PC are locked down to the Zoom Room application to simplify the user experience but provide high-quality calls and presentations. They can now provide the best customer service in this new virtual world through video financial consultations.

At another local business, Haverford designed a high-end presentation and video conferencing setup in its main boardroom, including table mics for each seat at the table to ensure each participant is heard and understand, a large flat panel display at the front of the room, a Cisco video conferencing system, and a Cisco touch panel with custom programming. The interactive display strengthens participation for the entire team. 

How can we help?

Haverford Systems employs a team of experts, designers, and installers that will create a thorough plan based on your financial institution’s audiovisual installation needs. Our full-service approach includes consultation, design, installation, and training to ensure your team knows how to optimize its new system. Learn more about our services!